Profiling (Behavioral Analysis)


TAG provides behavioral analysis (profiling) to help identify unknown suspects of criminal or policy-violating misconduct, as well as to develop investigative and interviewing strategies. In doing so, TAG draws on more than 100 years of collective experience with the FBI and decades of training, research, and investigative experience with the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Units and former Behavioral Science Unit.

For example, TAG has assisted clients in identifying extortionists, the authors of anonymous communications, persons making bomb threats, persons tampering with consumer products, and the suspect who murdered a female employee.

When a particular facility stands out for under-reporting of misconduct, high levels of employee fear or dissatisfaction, a high rate of suicide, declining productivity or attendance, or other behavioral problems, TAG experts can come on site to identify the root causes through behavioral analysis, management interviews, and employee surveys.

TAG has experience using these same skills to work collaboratively with crisis management teams to prepare for and respond to mass shootings, explosions, bioterrorism, product tampering, and other emergencies; with corporate communications teams to respond to campaigns to discredit a product, an ingredient used in manufacturing, research methods, or the entire company; and with employee relations during the negotiation of significant labor-management disputes or the mediation of disputes among employees during downsizings or other major changes.