Mental Health Crises in the Workplace: Trends in Private Sector Efforts

TWIN CITIES SECURITY PARTNERSHIP - Security summit Keynote Speaker: Park Dietz MD, PhD

Drawing on over 30 years of experience helping U.S.-based corporations shape their approach to mental disorder in the workplace, Dr. Dietz will trace the major themes affecting the success of corporate efforts, including:

  • the abandonment of pre-employment psychological screening,
  • use of drug testing programs,
  • internal vs. outsourced Employee Assistance Programs,
  • the impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act,
  • the use of onsite vs. remote human resources professionals,
  • the proliferation of threat assessment efforts,
  • the proliferation of workplace misconduct mitigation efforts,
  • the professionalization of corporate security,
  • the pressure to weaken and abandon pre-employment criminal background screening,
  • the adoption of active shooter scenarios into crisis management planning and training,
  • and how the growing concern over cybersecurity will bring heightened surveillance of employee communications.

Major factors bringing about these changes, for better or worse, are litigation, legislation, cost concerns, and the impact of the news media on the priorities of executives.


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TCF Bank Staduim - University of Minnesota Campus
September 20, 2017 - 8:45AM

Simon Levshin