Pathways to Extremist Violence

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Keynote Speaker: Park Dietz, M.D., M.P.H, Ph.D.

Over the past 40 years, Dr. Park Dietz has had an insider’s view of some of the most dangerous men and women to affect our nation’s security, conducting comprehensive forensic psychiatric evaluations of mass murderers, bombers, serial killers, and terrorists. For 30 of those years, he’s been applying his insights to prevent violence within organizations by developing early warning systems of deviant human behavior that result in prompt expert risk assessment and risk management.

In this Keynote address, Dr. Dietz will share what he’s learned of the various pathways that lead some people to acts of extreme violence in furtherance of their beliefs. In his view, the necessary and sufficient conditions for such crimes to occur are extremist belief systems, justifications for violence, imagined rewards, constricted views of alternative courses of action, and opportunity. He’ll illustrate this view with examples drawn from his evaluations of Theodore Kaczynski, Eric Rudolph, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Dylann Roof, and other offenders.

Mental Health Crises in the Workplace: Trends in Private Sector Efforts

TWIN CITIES SECURITY PARTNERSHIP - Security summit Keynote Speaker: Park Dietz MD, PhD

Drawing on over 30 years of experience helping U.S.-based corporations shape their approach to mental disorder in the workplace, Dr. Dietz will trace the major themes affecting the success of corporate efforts, including the abandonment of pre-employment psychological screening, use of drug testing programs, internal vs. outsourced Employee Assistance Programs, the impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the use of onsite vs. remote human resources professionals, the proliferation of threat assessment efforts, the proliferation of workplace violence prevention efforts, the professionalization of corporate security, the pressure to weaken and abandon pre-employment criminal background screening, the adoption of active shooter scenarios into crisis management planning and training, and how the growing concern over cybersecurity will bring heightened surveillance of employee communications. Major factors bringing about these changes, for better or worse, are litigation, legislation, cost concerns, and the impact of the news media on the priorities of executives.


SEPTEMBER 20, 2017 - 8:45AM

TAG Event Security Planning

Shareholder meetings and company-sponsored events are a more likely target today than ever before.  Whether you’ve dealt with it yet or not, you should know that TAG has been dealing with former employees and others attempting crimes in these settings for 30 years.  And if you operate or host events at sports and entertainment venues, convention centers, arenas, parade sites, hotels, shopping malls, or other heavily populated venues, you need to accept that these have all become increasingly attractive targets for both individual criminals and terrorists.

If you’re ready to re-examine your existing security efforts and consider enhancements to fortify the safety and security of your events, TAG has just the program for you.  If you’ve worked with TAG before, you know that our experts have no equal, and event security is no exception to this generalization.



What Dr. Park Dietz wants you to know about mitigating workplace violence, zero tolerance policies, OSHA’s potential legislation and more.

Workplace violence is seldom the freak episode that the media portrays it to be. It rarely involves a mass shooting with a gun, and rarely does it result in a homicide or mass casualty.