We are an interdisciplinary team.  Our expertise with threats, dangerous behavior, and violence is comprehensive and unparalleled.  Drawn from the top ranks of forensic psychiatry, forensic psychology, and the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit, TAG experts have guided the management of thousands of high-risk cases.  Courtroom experience in thousands of trials significantly informs our approach to training and case management.


Park Dietz, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.

TAG Consulting and Training Experts

Joel Dvoskin, Ph.D, A.B.P.P. 

Erin Nelson, Psy.D.

Bill Irwin (FBI, Ret.)

Steven E. Pitt, D.O.

Gregg O. McCrary, M.A. (FBI, Ret.)

Ronald P. Walker, M.A. (FBI, Ret.)

James A. Wright, M.P.A. (FBI, Ret.)

Lauren Ambrozic, M.A.

Ray S. Mey (FBI, Ret.)

TAG Forensic Evaluators

Throughout the US and Canada, TAG's extended network of leading forensic psychiatrists and psychologists evaluates employees for violence risk, fitness for duty, disability, or treatment options when indicated.  Contact us for more information.