Workplace Violence Prevention


For more than 30 years, TAG has helped organizations of every description translate a commitment to safety into practical steps for creating model programs of misconduct mitigation that keep people safe while reducing operating costs.

We are experienced in managing near-term needs – including responding to individual, high-risk cases – while putting into place programs with lasting value.

TAG's mission is to help clients create safer, more productive environments for all.

TAG is available to consult on all, some, or any one of the following:

  • Introducing Workplace Violence Prevention to senior leadership

  • Advising on the investigation and management of individual cases of suspected misconduct, including threats, intimate partner violence, anonymous or inappropriate communications, weapons in the workplace, sexual harassment and sexual assault, bullying and mobbing, claims of retaliation and discrimination, misuse of confidential information and information systems (“insider threat”), fraud (including bank fraud, credit card fraud, and cyber fraud), theft and product diversion, conflicts of interest, solicitation or payment of bribes, kickbacks, and other amenities, alleged misconduct involving senior leaders or members of the board of directors, product tampering, sabotage, and arson

  • Conducting difficult or high-risk terminations

  • Conducting investigations, including interviewing those under suspicion to seek admissions to misconduct

  • Creation and training of cross-functional teams to manage risks to people and assets

  • Developing policies and reporting protocols

  • Analysis of key metrics

  • Training of managers and supervisors

  • Training of employees, including those who deal with the public

  • Analysis of risks and hazards

  • Assessing vulnerabilities of facilities

  • Rapid security assessments

  • Business continuity planning

  • Mental health evaluations

  • Litigation consulting

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