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Stephen Carter, M.A., M.B.A. (FBI, Ret.)


Before joining the Threat Assessment Group, Stephen Carter was Director of Global Investigations at Target, where he led a global team that investigated employee and vendor misconduct issues in the United States and abroad, including theft and embezzlement, conflicts of interest, bribery and kickbacks, misuse of company information and information systems, and unauthorized sub-contracting and product substitution. 

Prior to Target, Mr. Carter was Manager of the Security Investigations Group for HP, where he directed the company’s most complex and sensitive investigations worldwide, and personally led the most significant investigations involving senior executives and other issues that posed the most serious financial or reputational risk to the company. At both Target and HP, Mr. Carter collaborated extensively with representatives from all levels of Human Resources, Employee Relations, Ethics and Compliance, Corporate Security, and the Law Department. 

Mr. Carter was an FBI Special Agent and Supervisory Special Agent for more than 20 years, investigating bank fraud and embezzlement, mortgage fraud, mail and wire fraud, violent crime, racketeering, drug trafficking, public corruption, and civil rights violations. He also served as an FBI polygraph examiner for five years, conducting more than 700 examinations in support of a wide range of domestic and international investigations, including dozens of tests in Colombia, Afghanistan, Qatar, and Pakistan. 

Mr. Carter participated in the FBI’s management program for 16 years as a Relief Supervisor and acting Supervisory Special Agent for various investigative squads, and as a Supervisory Special Agent and National Program Manager in the Organized Crime Section at FBI headquarters. He also served as Senior Team Leader for the FBI’s enhanced SWAT Team in San Francisco for two years and as a SWAT team operator for six years and was a certified FBI Firearms Instructor and Defensive Tactics instructor. 

Mr. Carter has extensive experience conducting difficult witness and subject interviews in support of corporate and criminal investigations, and he has often led critical interviews of key suspects in sensitive and high-profile cases. Mr. Carter has delivered interview training to diverse corporate audiences, domestic and foreign law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and other professional groups and organizations. 

Mr. Carter received a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from the University of Southern California (1981), a Master of Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame (1986), and a Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology from Argosy University and the U.S. Department of Defense (2006).


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