Work Life Confidential: Disturbing Workplace Behavior

Ever worked with someone who made you feel uncomfortable? Maybe you were never sure whether you’d find them in a friendly frame of mind or in full attack mode. Maybe you’d seen them yell, curse, and call people names on more than one occasion—and nobody, including their supervisor, had done anything to stop them. Perhaps their disturbing behavior was quieter: they confided their many grudges and thoughts of revenge or showed a strange fascination with one of your coworkers. Join host Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio for a conversation with Dr. Park Dietz, founder of Threat Assessment Group (TAG), and world-renowned authority on disruptive workplace behavior, warning signs/prevention of workplace violence, and risk reduction. We’ll talk about workplace misconduct and the reasons why so many of us don’t inform the right people of the troubling behaviors we encounter. And we’ll talk about the importance—for everyone involved—of raising your concerns.

Simon Levshin