TAG Experts - Ron Walker and Bill Irwin - testified for the prosecution on the re-trial of Michael Blagg who was convicted of murdering his wife in Golden, Colorado.

Crime scene expert: Jennifer Blagg's killer staged the bedroom

People move bodies to conceal the time of death or other physical evidence from investigators, Ron Walker, a former FBI profiler and crime scene consultant said.

FBI: Implored to tell truth about missing family, Blagg said ‘I can’t’

GOLDEN — A former FBI agent described this morning how Michael Blagg, when urged by interrogators to “tell the truth” about the 2001 disappearance of his wife and young daughter from the family’s suburban Mesa County home, became emotional and repeatedly said “I can’t.”

Bill Irwin, who was brought in to help with a lengthy questioning session three months after Jennifer and 6-year-old Abby Blagg went missing from the Redlands, told Jefferson County jurors this morning that toward the end of the 10 1/2-hour session at the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, Blagg became emotional.

Expert witnesses punctuate retrial of Blagg murder

GOLDEN — Amid hours of tedious testimony about fingerprints, DNA and the inner workings of landfills, a number of high-profile expert witnesses have infused sometimes lurid drama into marathon days in the murder trial of Michael Blagg.

Jurors have heard from dozens of witnesses in the five weeks since testimony began in the case of Blagg, who is accused of the 2001 murder of his wife, Jennifer, and is suspected but not charged in the suspected death of his 6-year-old daughter, Abby. The now 55-year-old former Mesa County man is back on trial after juror misconduct resulted in the reversal of his 2004 conviction.

Simon Levshin