Sexual Harassment, Opioids, Insider Threat, and Workplace Suicide

Threats, violence, and radicalization are just the tip of the workplace misconduct iceberg. Headlines abound with other human risks in the workplace:

CNN:  “Senate Democrats call for hearings on workplace sexual misconduct”  

The Atlantic:  “The Opioid Crisis Comes to the Workplace” 

Forbes:  “How to Defend Against Insider Threats” 

Wall Street Journal:  “With Workplace Suicides Rising, Companies Plan for the Unthinkable

The array of problems facing corporations today can seem overwhelming to the uninitiated. The good news is that every company using TAG’s approach to preventing misconduct and violence in the workplace already has the infrastructure in place to combat all of these issues with a single team, integrated training, and integrated management procedures.  

If you are scrambling to find new ways of dealing with sexual harassment, the opioid crisis, the insider threat, or workplace suicide, you may be looking at the problem the old-fashioned, inefficient way.  

The cost-effective approach is the one TAG has always promoted:  Have one multidisciplinary team handle all of these issues with state-of-the-art training for each audience in the company and a common system for receiving, investigating, and managing reported cases.

TAG is here to help with misconduct of every description, and TAG360 is the solution you need to mitigate human risks across your enterprise.

Simon Levshin