Case Consulting


In individual cases involving concerning behavior or threats, TAG works with clients to identify and recommend a specific action plan. A TAG case consultation typically begins with an intake process (basic information, request for documents, and scheduling), review of any documents, and a conference call. 

While in the vast majority of cases no travel is necessary, TAG experts are available for on-site consultation, interviews, coordination with mental health or law enforcement personnel, high-risk negotiations, discipline, or terminations. Written reports, second opinions, affidavits, declarations, and expert testimony are all available upon request.

Examples of individual cases in which clients regularly call on TAG for assistance:

  • A client requests assistance in assessing and managing a threat, intimate partner violence, or stalking.
  • A client requests help interviewing or terminating someone.
  • A client needs analysis and assessment of anonymous or inappropriate communications.
  • The CEO (or other senior executive) is a target victim.
  • The "victim" is the suspected source of a threatening communication.
  • A case presents unfamiliar challenges.
  • A client seeks guidance on whether and where to send an employee for a Fitness for Duty evaluation.
  • A client seeks a referral for an Independent Medical Examination (IME).
  • A client wants a written report or a second opinion from an external consultant.