TAG offers comprehensive training in violence prevention for corporate workplaces, educational communities, government agencies, and others.

With programs that are tailored to every level of an organization--including professionals who manage violence risk, managers & supervisors, employees, faculty, students, and others--TAG training is available in a variety of media and at a range of pricing to meet your needs.

Training for Professionals Who Manage Violence Risk

TAG's training for professionals who manage violence risk is a comprehensive introduction to the core principles, key themes, and effective management strategies of violence prevention.  Delivered by leading experts, this 12-lesson course provides a detailed presentation and analysis of what team members need to know to improve their organization's management of behavioral risks and threats.  The curriculum includes a significant number of teaching cases that offer compelling illustration of topics, describe multiple options for responding, and detail TAG's recommendations for responding safely and effectively.  As an example, the 2017 corporate curriculum covers:

  • Principles of Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Investigation
  • Assessing and Managing Workplace Threats
  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Stalking
  • Cyberstalking and Related Misconduct
  • Life Stress, Personality Disorder, and Substance Abuse
  • Mental Illnesses and Suicide Prevention
  • Safe Termination
  • Problematic Former Employees
  • Managing Unwanted Communications and Visits
  • Preparing for an Armed Attack

Live training of this audience is delivered at client locations or in Newport Beach, CA.

Risk and liability avoidance alone will pay for TAG training many times over.
— David K. Metta, Deputy Director, Security & Counterintelligence Division, Argonne National Laboratory

Training for Those Who Supervise Others

TAG's training for those who supervise others teaches supervisory skills necessary to respond appropriately to early, middle, and late risk indicators.  Depending on the organization's needs, the curriculum may include:

  • Managing Troubled People
  • Managing Troubling Situations
  • Managing Unwanted Communications and Visits
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Interviewing
  • Introduction to Violence Prevention

Training for Those Without Supervisory Responsibility

TAG's training programs for employees and for students emphasize the importance to the community of early reporting.  Depending on the organization's needs, the curriculum may include:

  • Your Role in Preventing Violence
  • Dealing with Unwanted Communications and Visits
  • Active Shooter Response

Active Shooter Preparation and Response Training

“Preparing for an Active Shooter” and “Active Shooter Response” training will enable you to educate new and existing employees on this subject year-round. “Preparing for an Active Shooter” teaches senior managers what to do before, during, and after an active shooter incident. “Active Shooter Response” teaches other managers, supervisors, and the general employee population what to do during an attack.

Live and online training available.

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