TAG360 Discount: TAG Advanced Instruction and Certification

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TAG360 Discount: TAG Advanced Instruction and Certification

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TAG is pleased to offer an exclusive advanced training experience to qualified professionals who manage workplace violence risks in their organizations

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A maximum of 10 participants will receive private instruction from TAG founder Park Dietz, M.D., Ph.D., in the library of TAG’s waterfront offices in Newport Beach, CA. Instruction is interactive, and an optional final examination is administered at the end of the course. Those successfully completing the course and final examination will receive TAG’s 2-year certification in advanced workplace violence prevention.

This experience will be offered:  April 13 & 14 and October 16 & 17, 2017

Day 1:
    •    Principles of Workplace Violence Prevention
    •    Investigation
    •    Assessing and Managing Workplace Threats
    •    Intimate Partner Violence and the Workplace
    •    Stalking
    •    Cyberstalking and Related Misconduct
Day 2:
    •    Life Stress, Personality Disorder, and Substance Abuse
    •    Mental Illness and Suicide Prevention
    •    Safe Termination
    •    Problematic Former Employees
    •    Managing Unwanted Communications and Visits
    •    Preparing for Active Shooter Incidents

TAG360 20% Discount:  $3,200/person registration fee.