Training for Schools K-12, Colleges, and Universities 

Schools face dangers identical to those of other employers, with fewer controls and resources:

  • A larger proportion of the population is in high-risk age groups for violence and substance abuse
  • Criminal background checks are less common, both pre-employment and pre-admission
  • Open campus environments offering free access to visitors are more common
  • At colleges, universities, and boarding schools, residential facilities are common
  • These and other factors increase the importance of recognizing, reporting, and addressing inappropriate behavior, all of which are core features of TAG’s approach.

TAG training is tailored to your culture, timetable, and resources and is available for:

  • Interdisciplinary Case Management Teams      
  • School Psychologists
  • Faculty                                               
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Coaches                                             
  • Students
  • Administrative Staff                             
  • Gatekeepers

TAG works with you to design the right media mix for every audience:

  •   Live training in seminars or courses for groups of all sizes
  •   Live webinars
  •   Live podcasts
  •   Live webcasts and video conferences
  •   Recorded webinars
  •   Videos
  •   Conference calls
  •   Printed materials

Sponsored Training for Educational Communities 

Consider the possibility that a corporation or foundation would sponsor TAG training to help keep your educational institution safe for students, staff, and visitors. Please contact us to learn more. 


Upon satisfactory completion of training cycles, TAG offers attendees Certificates of Completion.