TAG’s program of Workplace Violence Prevention is designed for professionals who manage violence risk. It has benefitted from 20 years of feedback from audiences around the world in nearly every industry. It incorporates lessons learned working with client teams managing more than 10,000 cases annually. Audiences typically include professionals in Human Resources, Employee Relations, Benefits, Security, Loss Prevention, Asset Protection, Employment Law, Employee Assistance, Occupational Health, Risk Management, Safety, and Operations.

TAG training is tailored to your culture, timetable, and resources and is available for:

  • Executives

  • Interdisciplinary Case Management Teams

  • Managers and Supervisors

  • Employees

  • Gatekeepers who deal with the public

TAG works with you to design the right media mix for every audience:

  •   Live training in seminars or courses for groups of all sizes

  •   Live webinars

  •   Videos

  •   Conference calls

  •   Handbooks, brochures, and other materials

  •   Online Courses

Risk and liability avoidance alone will pay for TAG training many times over.
— David K. Metta, Deputy Director, Security & Counterintelligence Division, Argonne National Laboratory

Corporate Sponsorships for Local Communities

Contact us to learn more about how TAG clients have sponsored training for their local communities, including:

  •   Conferences for the local business community
  •   Training for local schools, colleges, or universities
  •   Training for local mental health professionals
  •   Training for local law enforcement agencies


Upon satisfactory completion of training cycles, TAG offers attendees Certificates of Completion.